2015 Schedules

Chicago-Pheasant Run Resort

Des Moines-Adventureland Amusement Park

Minneapolis-Kennedy High School

Fargo-Davies High School

Davenport-Bettendorf High School

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About Ovation Dance

Ovation Dance Challenge is overseen and designed by Executive Directors Dan and Susan Kuhn. Dan has an extensive resume in audio/video/lighting productions and has been employed or sub-contracted to provide his expertise to some of the most renowned dance-oriented businesses in the United States, including but not limited to; Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Masquerade National Dance Competition, Tapaholics, Adrenaline Dance, Minnesota Dance Contest, and Midwest Starz.

Susan Kuhn has been a dance studio director for 35 years. Her students have gained both regional and national acclaim and have been the recipients of numerous scholarships and Regional/National title wins. In addition to her work as a director and instructor, Susan has employed some of the most sought after choreographers in the industry including Mike Minery, Jen Silvas, Melody Lacayanga, Karen Calloway-Williams, Jeremy Keeton, Kim McSwain, Justin Giles, Nick DiNicholangelo. The Kuhns and their team of professional staff members are pleased to be able to share their knowledge and experience with dancers and studio directors all over the nation with Ovation Dance Challenge.

Photos and Video


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